Chatelain 50

Meet our first premium coliving home also suited to couples.

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Chatelain 50

Chatelain 50

Brussels, Ixelles
1200 m²
19 bedrooms

The next level in coliving guaranteed to blow you away.

So, you like the idea of coliving, but you’re not sure if it’ll work for you, even as a couple? This is the house for you.

We’ve completely rethought our concept with you in mind. Chatelain 50 has some larger bedrooms (up to 50m²) with guest beds and ensuite bathrooms as well as some smaller options. In addition to the usual Cohabs services, living here comes with extras such as room cleaning, electric bikes, and an aquaponic.

The house is a little world of its own, with a chic design and beautiful common areas that feature a gym, a coworking space, and even a private bar. There’s also a large garden to enjoy!

The Chatelain district is about as cool as it gets in Brussels, with some of the best bars and restaurants around. You’ll never be bored, and everything you need is right here.

  • Bedrooms


  • Bathrooms


  • Gym

  • Cinema

  • Game room

  • Coworking space

  • Private bar

  • Outdoor space

  • Bike storage

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