Duden 12

A relaxing, warm cocoon to call home.

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Duden 12

Duden 12

Brussels, Forest
407 m²
16 bedrooms

Dive into the tranquility of Forest.

Duden 12 is one of our deceptively-simple houses in Brussels. The concept of this project was to keep everything as minimal as possible and to highlight the existing features. We always want to keep the house’s identity and history while revamping the structure. We always aim to build timeless homes which last forever.

To achieve this goal, we decided to use colors that would be able to help us create a cocoon of sorts. Soft colors such as a gorgeous light blue, warm orange, and lovely pink are comforting colors that contrast with the existing beige texture of the house and the addition of the deep blue ceiling in the outbuildings creates a cozy cocoon for you to feel safe and relaxed in it.

All these thoughtful decisions have taken place to create a comforting place that feels like home. And better yet? Duden 12 is located right next to Parc Duden and if that’s not enough greenery, Parc de Forest and Parc Brugmann are also within reach. Saint-Gilles is just next door, and everything you could possibly need is within reach!

  • Bedrooms


  • Bathrooms


  • Gym

  • TV

  • Cinema

  • Coworking space

  • Outdoor space

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