Louise 54

A spacious house on a quiet street in a not-so-quiet area.

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Louise 54

Louise 54

Brussels, Ixelles
850 m²
21 bedrooms

The perfect place to live, work, and play.

If you like to make an entrance, you’ll love Louise 54's grand staircase. We absolutely love this neighborhood, with Louise 86 and Louise 88 just 90m away, and we know you’ll love it too! You can work outside in the garden, or on the terrace next to the co-working area (try not to be distracted by the awesome view).

For those that need to get to work, it’s very well connected; just a few minutes walk from bus and tram stops. With a cinema room, a games room, a gym, and a bar in the house, there’s almost no need to go out... but when you do, you’re surrounded by hip bars and restaurants where you can enjoy some of the best food and drink Brussels has to offer.

  • Bedrooms


  • Bathrooms


  • Gym

  • Cinema

  • Game room

  • Coworking space

  • Private bar

  • Outdoor space

  • Bike storage

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