Louise 88

A perfectly located house with the coolest ceilings and a hip vibe.

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Louise 88

Louise 88

Brussels, Ixelles
600 m²
16 bedrooms

Access to basically everything.

Ever pictured yourself living in a chic-but-not-boring district of Brussels? Louise 88 is perfectly located next to the Châtelain, Matonge, and Flagey neighborhoods, three of the most sought-after areas in the city! Walk 5 minutes south, and you'll find yourself at Rue du Bailli where they have the best sushi in town (hello, Makisu!) and the coolest independent boutiques.

Walk 5 minutes east and you'll be at Fernand Cocq with all its restaurants and cool nightlife. Walk a bit further and you'll find the beautiful Ixelles ponds and lively place Flagey. Or just stay in and enjoy the amazing Louise 88 house, with its marble fireplace, ceiling moldings, and cozy bedrooms.

  • Bedrooms


  • Bathrooms


  • Gym

  • Cinema

  • Game room

  • Coworking space

  • Outdoor space

  • Bike storage

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Member stories

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