Luxembourg 43

Where character meets modernity.

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Luxembourg 43

Luxembourg 43

Brussels, Ixelles
735 m²
22 bedrooms

Next to everything, basically.

Whenever we create a new living space, we always keep at least a hint of what was there before. With Luxembourg 43, we’ve outdone ourselves. Work by a local artist illuminates the breakfast room and its hanging garden, and the mirrored gallery has been created from what we found at the house. We’ve added some new things to the house too! The naturally lit coworking space overlooks the large garden (perfect zoom background) or you can hibernate in the cinema room and then work off the popcorn in the gym.

Getting to work is easy, as the buses, trams, and metro are just a couple of minutes away. And, the house gets its name from Place du Luxembourg, a short walk from your front door! Meet your housemates for summer beers (or a barbecue) after work in the garden, or explore some of the coolest bars and restaurants in Brussels, just a stone’s throw away! Luxembourg 43 is the perfect place for your new life in the capital of Europe!

  • Bedrooms


  • Bathrooms


  • Gym

  • Cinema

  • Coworking space

  • Private bar

  • Outdoor space

  • Bike storage

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