About Cohabs

About Cohabs

Our dream team
Our rockstar team is made up of talented misfits from all over the world.
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Our story

Cohabs was born in 2016 from a simple observation: shared living no longer met expectations; it needed to be shaken up and completely reinvented.

So we imagined and developed our houses around our members, making sure our homes were beautiful but also functional, with huge common spaces designed to create memories, and a strong take on interior design. Oh, and the most amazing community.

Memorable moments at Cohabs

A dream team that never stops dreaming

Cohabs was imagined by 3 cofounders who were quickly joined by a growing team of passionate people. From the very beginning, the founders made sure to build a future-proof organization, a place where everyone feels included and respected thanks to a strong company culture.

More than 60 people now work at Cohabs in our 6 offices across Europe and the US. All our people are curious, open-minded, respectful, and incredibly dedicated to what they do. Cohabs is home, and we all work to keep it a unique and inspiring space.

Where the magic happens

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