Corporate housing

Your employees deserve the best

Our flexible, fully furnished homes are the ideal solution for expats in business all over the world. Whether your employees need a 3-month home or are looking to put down roots, we have everything you need.

Convenience is key

Enjoy a hassle-free, personalized process with a dedicated contact person. Maintain a long-term relationship and flexible solutions.

Safety and trust are our priority

From smart locks to checking the profiles of all our members, we ensure your client’s safety and comfort.

NPS* score: 60

*Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty and satisfaction measurement. The average hospitality industry score is 40.

Comfort & design

Our homes are completely renovated, fully furnished, and thoughtfully designed to meet every one of your client’s potential needs. They’ll feel completely at home away from home.

Plug into an instant international community

Are your employees moving to an entirely new country? Meeting new people in a new city will be a breeze for your clients thanks to like-minded housemates and monthly events. We’ve welcomed 3,000 members since Cohabs first started, and we’re growing every day.

  • Average stay: 11 months
  • Total nationalities: 65
  • Average age: 28

Whether your employee is moving for a long-term position or just passing through, they’ll benefit from the diverse range of members who live at Cohabs who are fellow expats, digital nomads, and creative entrepreneurs.

Your employees are in good hands

We take care of everything:

Solutions for a diverse range of clients

Our fully furnished, beautiful shared spaces are the perfect solution for a diverse range of business profiles.

  • HR managers
  • Digital nomads
  • Relocation agencies
  • Finance executives
  • And much more

Our options around the world

Get to know our beautiful houses in the most vibrant neighborhoods.

Confidence, trust, and flexibility. What more do you need?

Our team will ensure smooth collaboration and personalized contact throughout the process.  

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  • Reach us at +32470058770