Why Cohabs

Why Cohabs?

Our purpose

What makes us different?

We care about our members and that’s the single most important thing for us. We’re centered around our community and manifest that by helping our members connect through dinners, parties, and other events throughout the year. Our goal is to cultivate strong and cohesive relationships in every house.

Good is not good enough

We’re constantly improving our shared homes and the living experience of our members. Whether it’s through the technology, the design of the houses, or the comfort of the rooms, our main focus is the happiness of our members.

In addition to your room, you can sign up for monthly subscriptions such as room cleaning so you can spend your time doing the things you love.

Planet-lovers welcome

As the world moves towards a carbon-neutral future, sustainability is at the heart of what we do.

Amongst other things, a large majority of our houses have solar panels, sustainable appliances, and rainwater harvesting systems.

Most of our furniture is bought second-hand, giving it a new lease on life. We have a strong focus on energy cost reduction, thanks to dedicated monitoring tools in every home.

Designed with you in mind

We are more than a real estate company, we do it all. We choose the best locations, we purchase the houses, we transform them, we decorate them, and then we invite our members into the story.

With every new home, our product evolves to better meet our members' needs. Our design team liaises with local artists as we enter each new neighborhood to merge our spirit and identity with what’s authentic to the local community.

The results are highly collaborative and a fresh take on the potential of coliving.

A community where everyone belongs

Our goal is to make people feel good every day. We care about our members. At Cohabs, we believe in bringing people together and creating meaningful connections.

That is why the community is an integral part of our mission: to rethink how people live together by giving our community an environment designed to create memorable moments.

Flexibility in your favor

We are member-focused and like to be as accommodating as possible. A shorter lease term means you don't feel tied to anything and have the opportunity to fall in love with your new home. You can also easily switch rooms if you want to live with new people in another Cohabs house.

We (really) want to get to know you!

You might wonder why we have a chat with all potential members. It all boils down to wanting the best experience for you, as well as the home and housemates you'll be joining. We discover your preferences and make sure we find the best options available.

We are available to do in-person tours for all prospective members. Once you've chosen a home, we also put you in touch with our current community, so you can get real feedback.

We love our locations and you will too

No more worrying about which district you should move to; we’ve made it easy for you.

With Cohabs, you will find the best houses in the best districts of every city. We select the most dynamic and attractive neighborhoods for our members. No matter which city you want to call home, with Cohabs, you’ll enjoy the best experience each city has to offer.

Shape a better tomorrow with us

We are committed to putting our houses, our community, and our team at the service of today's climate and social challenges.

By living within the Cohabs community, you play an active part in our sustainability and solidarity initiatives.

Everything at your fingertips

Once you sign your lease, you’ll have access to the Cohabs app! With the app, you'll be able to manage your stay and meet the community, anywhere, anytime.

You can create an event, report an incident, chat with Cohabs members in other houses, and much more!

Special offer June - August: Try Cohabs for 3 months.