What is coliving?

What is coliving?

The best experience ever

How does it work?

Coliving is all about sharing.

Sharing resources, experiences, and memories. You'll create some of the best moments of your life with people from all walks of life, from all over the world. You'll spend time together in shared spaces with the option to be alone if you choose. It's quite literally the best of both worlds. All you need to bring? A positive attitude and an openness to learn.

What are the advantages of coliving?

At the heart of it all

Picture yourself kicking back and relaxing on the comfiest couch ever.

This is where you'll spend the most time with your new community. The living room, kitchen, and dining room are key areas of a coliving house, spaces that make up the beating heart of your home.

Your happiness is our happiness

At Cohabs, we like a challenge. We’re constantly trying to outdo ourselves by improving our homes and the living experience of our members.

The best is not enough. Whether it’s through technology, the design of the houses, or the comfort of the rooms, our main focus is your happiness.

Besides incredibly comfortable, superbly-decorated spaces, you can sign up for monthly subscriptions to make life even easier! Get extra services such as room cleaning so you can spend your time doing the things you love.

Life is short; make the most of it at Cohabs.

Privacy always within reach

Want all the excitement but still need your own space? Not to worry.

A coliving house often offers rooms with double beds, furniture, closets, and private or shared bathrooms and toilets. The whole point is that you have your personal space while enjoying the common areas whenever you want.

Who is coliving for?

Coliving is a fantastic option for people who want to make new connections and share common spaces while still retaining their privacy.

Coliving can also appeal to all people in transition in their lives, people on a mission for a few months, digital nomads, people in a transitional phase in their career, and anyone else who is open to a new lifestyle. Curious about this new lifestyle? Give it a go, we promise you won't be disappointed.

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We create the places you create the moments

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