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Our values
Our values

Be open

Be curious and open to people and ideas around you. Never miss an opportunity to connect with interesting people.


Keep learning

Cultivate collaboration and exchange amongst members and the extended community.


Think green

Enable sustainable lifestyles through sharing and efficient use of resources and space.


Stay foolish

Keep inspiring and empower fellow members to be active creators in the world around them.


Give a hand

Help out & be available. Share your passions and your skills with people around you.


Be respectful

Show consideration and regard. You’re the key to help us and the other members to create a friendly environment.


Meet Grégoire

Analyst Developer - 29 years old

“I was looking for a friendly, lively and enjoyable living experience in Brussels. So happy I found the right mix of jovial flatmates in a fully equipped and trendy house located near great spots in Ixelles!”


Meet Anu

Assistant - 31 years old

“Our house feels like a home away from home. The owners make an effort to create a cozy, social and environmentally responsible living environment where you can relax with your housemates after work, hang out with friends or simply enjoy the privacy of your own space.”


Meet Maxime

Digital Marketer - 23 years old

“I was skeptical at first because it was my first time in a house share. The great thing about Cohabs is that the houses are really designed to help us connect between members. On top of that, each place comes with a wide range of free benefits such as a housekeeper, Spotify & Netflix.”

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Cohabs slider image

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