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Welcome to the 14th Arrondissement of Paris. If you are new to the city and are looking for a place that is located in the center of Paris, close to the city attractions, and well-serviced with transportation, this is your opportunity! The prices are affordable, the location is very convenient, and there is a great community. If you want to live the Parisian dream of living in a district with local shops, restaurants, and cafes to grab a baguette or a croissant in the morning, this district is the place for you.

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Paris community

At Cohabs, we believe in bringing people together and creating meaningful connections. Our international community is composed of expats as well as locals coming from all over the world. Today, we've had over 3000 people stay with us and become a part of our thriving community.
Average age27
Average stay8 months
Gender ratio55 ♂ / 45 ♀

Explore coliving in the 14th district of Paris

The 14th arrondissement of Paris, known as the 14th district, is a captivating blend of historical depth and contemporary vibrancy, making it a prime location for coliving. This area, characterized by its artistic heritage and tranquil residential streets, offers a unique living experience for those seeking a sense of community in one of Paris’s most charming neighbourhoods.

The unique character of Paris 14th

The 14th arrondissement is renowned for its artistic history, once the home of famous artists and writers. It boasts a relaxed, almost village-like atmosphere, with a variety of traditional and artisan shops. The district is also known for its iconic landmarks, such as the Catacombs of Paris and the Montparnasse Tower, blending historical intrigue with modernity.

Coliving in a serene setting

Coliving spaces in Paris 14th district attract a diverse mix of individuals, from creative professionals to academics. These shared living environments are designed to encourage a sense of belonging and collaboration, providing both private and communal spaces. The tranquil nature of the district makes it an ideal setting for those seeking a peaceful living space within the bustling city.

A hub of culture and relaxation

The Paris 14th district is home to numerous cultural attractions, including theaters, art studios, and the famous Montparnasse Cemetery, the resting place of many notable figures. Additionally, the district offers a variety of green spaces, like Parc Montsouris, where residents can enjoy nature and unwind, making it a perfect balance of cultural richness and leisure.

Residential charm and connection

This district is characterized by its residential charm, featuring classic Parisian architecture with modern amenities. The area is well-connected by public transport, with several metro and bus lines, allowing easy access to other parts of the city. This connectivity is highly appreciated by coliving residents, enhancing the convenience of urban living.

A commitment to sustainable living

Coliving in Paris 14 aligns with the increasing trend towards sustainable living. Many coliving spaces in the district emphasize eco-friendly practices, from recycling programs to energy-efficient designs, promoting a sustainable lifestyle among residents. Cohabs prioritizes creating coliving environments that are both environmentally conscious and comfortable. By choosing natural and eco-friendly materials, we commit to maintaining coliving spaces that are not only eco-responsible but also foster a sense of community.

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