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Welcome to the 19th Arrondissement! Tucked away in the northeast corner of the city, this area is all about its two major waterways which form the Canal Saint Martin. Along the water, you’ll find bohemian-chic cafés and hipster eateries.

But don’t forget about nature: the 19th boasts scenic Buttes Chaumont Parc and musical Parc de la Villette. This is surely one area of Paris that is not lacking in vibrancy or a youthful atmosphere.

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Paris community

At Cohabs, we believe in bringing people together and creating meaningful connections. Our international community is composed of expats as well as locals coming from all over the world. Today, we've had over 3000 people stay with us and become a part of our thriving community.
Average age27
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Coliving spaces in Paris'19th district

The 19th arrondissement of Paris, known as Paris 19, offers a dynamic and diverse urban environment, ideal for the growing trend of coliving. This district, known for its vibrant cultural tapestry and scenic landscapes, presents a unique living experience in one of the city's most eclectic neighborhoods.

The unique landscape of Paris 19th

Paris 19 is distinguished by its blend of modern urbanity and natural beauty. The district is home to the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, one of the city's largest and most beautiful parks, and the Canal de l'Ourcq, which adds a picturesque quality to the area. This combination of green spaces and waterways provides a tranquil backdrop to the bustling city life.

Coliving in a vibrant community

Coliving spaces in Paris 19 are popular among a diverse group of residents, including students, young professionals, and artists. These shared living arrangements are designed to foster a sense of community, offering a blend of private living spaces and communal areas for socializing and collaboration. The district's energetic and inclusive atmosphere makes it an attractive location for those seeking a connected and dynamic living experience.

Where art and culture meet

The 19th arrondissement is rich in arts and culture, hosting numerous galleries, music venues, and cultural centers. It is well-known for the Philharmonie de Paris, a major music complex, and the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, France’s biggest science museum. This cultural vibrancy is a significant draw for residents, providing ample opportunities for exploration and inspiration.

Connectivity and urban living

The 19th arrondissement is well-connected to the rest of Paris through an extensive public transportation network, including metro lines and bus routes. This ease of access enhances the appeal of coliving in the area, offering convenient travel for work, study, or leisure activities across the city.

Green living and sustainability

In line with the global shift towards more sustainable living, many coliving spaces in Paris 19 are incorporating eco-friendly practices. From energy-efficient appliances to recycling initiatives, these shared homes are not only about communal living but also about reducing the environmental impact.

Cohabs' commitment to sustainable coliving

Cohabs focuses on crafting coliving spaces that seamlessly blend eco-friendliness with comfort. Their strategy centers on eco-sustainable renovations of existing buildings, integrating energy-efficient appliances and renewable energy solutions. Opting for natural and environmentally friendly materials, Cohabs ensures their coliving environments are both sustainable and conducive to community living.

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