Osa Collection

950€ to 1500€

Save at least €400 each month in comparison to renting 40m² studio in the same city.

What is Osa?

Osa is our top-shelf offer, our answer to meet our most demanding members' needs. We thought of every little detail in designing these premium spaces and planning so it has all the benefits of Elo... And way more! We started from scratch to redesign everything from the spaces to the features with a simple goal: exceed expectations.

Who is it for?

Osa Collection was created for couples, single parents, and professionals to enjoy a shared community with all the perks of a premium space.

How much space do you have?

Osa rooms are between 11m² and 45m². Think of it as more of a suite. Osa common spaces are 300m² to 500m² in size, fully furnished, and intended to provide every possible comfort.


  • Common supplies

    Basic supplies delivered each month: salt, pepper, eco dishwashing liquid and dishwasher tablet, hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper, and garbage bags.

  • Weekly cleaning

    Once a week, our team cleans all the common areas of your house.

  • Monthly breakfast

    A world-class sustainable breakfast, delivered to your door once a month to enjoy with your housemates.

  • Everything at your fingertips

    Via our Cohabs mobile app, you'll be able to open your door, create an event, report an incident, chat with the other Cohabs members, and much more!

  • Welcome pack

    As a new member of the Cohabs family, you deserve a little welcome gift! You will find it in your bedroom on your move-in day.

  • Unforgettable moments

    Meet new people living in our houses and create unforgettable moments through monthly events organized by our Community team.

Osa extra packs

Because we know that one size fits all doesn't exist, we imagined extra packs our members can subscribe to via the mobile app. They are not included in your monthly rent.

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We create the places, you create the moments

We create the places, you create the moments

We create the places, you create the momentsplan the family dinnersmake the lifelong friendshipscreate the momentsplan the family dinnersmake the lifelong friendships
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