Your safety 
is our priority

Special pricing, flexible leases from 6 months and a two-week cancellation policy.

Find out how we manage to keep a safe, secure, and extraordinary coliving experience despite these uncertain times.

An improved 

Our new houses are better than ever. You’ll benefit from larger common areas, a more comfortable connected-workspace and fully equipped, well laid out gardens.


Whether you’re joining Cohabs for 3 months or more, check below how we’ve tweaked your experience, until you leave us for new adventures.

Before you
move in

Even before you arrive, we’ll let you know all of our new and adapted safety and hygiene measures.


We personally monitor each new member 10 days before they move-in to ensure no-one is sick when coming to the house.

Moving day

With the Cohabs mobile app, you’ll move-in in the best possible conditions. 


You’ll also find hygiene rules to follow in the house. In your room, you’ll find your Welcome Pack which contains a fabric face mask.


We ask new members to take extra special care for the first few days after their move in.

During your
stay at Cohabs

You’ll live in a clean & safe house. Our professional cleaning team have redoubled their efforts to keep both the common areas and the bedrooms clean. We also ask everyone to make sure they follow the rules at all times.


Despite our best efforts, it’s of course possible that a member test positive. Don’t panic, we’ve planned for this


We have a doctor available to give telephone-hotline support and a live diagnosis to Cohabs members. That member will need to self-isolate in their room as much as possible, and reduce their use of the common areas.

If you decide
to leave us

Once you leave, we’ll completely clean your room and everything will be properly disinfected.


So the next occupant will find his room as clean as you did on your first day.

We are here 
to help you

If you have a question or need assistance, you can contact us at or via our online form. We’ve also published a FAQ dedicated to Covid-19 concerns.


Whether you’re working from home or are simply germophobic, our new homes are made for you. It’s never been a better time to try coliving.