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Looking for the ideal place to stay? We carefully choose the nicest districts in our cities to make sure you get the most of your co-living experience.


New York

United States | 10 houses

Probably the most cosmopolitan city on the planet. The skyline, the 24/7 vibrant citylife, the countless activities... Get ready to take it all in! Live in an affordable, inspiring, fully-furnished shared house with private bedrooms. Flexible Lease. Everything included. The most beautiful houses in New York for the best coliving experience.

new york.jpeg


Spain | 2 houses

Madrid represents the dynamic and long sought-after "quality of life" for a young working professional. Enjoy a variety of delicious tapas under the sun on a terrace overlooking the city. Besides being a cultural capital and home to diverse and delicious cuisine, Madrid is a hub for multinational companies and a centre point for technology and sustainability. Join a community of international, friendly, and open-minded people. Flexible Lease, starting from 3 months. Everything included.



Belgium | 53 houses

With its mosaic of languages and cultures, it doesn't get more international than Brussels. And when the sun goes down, it's the best place to find vibrant restaurants and nightlife.



France | 7 houses

Paris is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth. On top of that, the city is an impressive international business hub – its concentration of jobs, company headquarters and start-ups are what make Paris an economic powerhouse. Oh, and yes, the food is amazing.